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Search and Rescue Robot Spring 2017


The Project:

Starboii was the final product of MAE 322: Mechanical Design. This search and rescue robot satisfied all of the requirements and completed the entire obstacle course on the Dean's Date test day. For more information, view either the attached presentation or final report PDFs


- Full open-loop control to obtain a med-kit (pictured in orange) and traverse a rugged terrain (2x4s taped to the ground)

- Closed-loop traversal of the rest of the obstacle course:

- Climbing over the wall, a 1-foot tall obstacle with a 6in x 6in step

- Navigation of a 3-foot wide chute with a 30 degree turn while avoiding contact with the walls

- Location of a light source, navigation of the source, and placement of the med-kit in the basket above the light source

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