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Laptop Stand

I wanted to personally design a laptop stand to help with my work from home desk setup. I wanted a stark improvement from stacks of books so I went with the next scale - an adjustable, stainless-steel-reinforced 3D printed laptop stand. Designed in my free time using SolidWorks, I printed and assembled this design alongside some hefty hardware. This design is quite robust and definitely capable of holding a laptop.

Phone Easel
The Design

December 2020


 I wanted a laptop stand that was adjustable and more ergonomic than a stack of books. After purchasing some square-stock stainless steel, I designed a 3D printed structure with three locking angles. Given that I care strongly about the safety of my laptop, I paid very close attention to the locking mechanism and the print orientation of parts. The locking mechanism helped to secure the desired angle of the stand, proving fail-safe as the load increased since it was jammed into the corner and designed using the law of Cosines. The print orientation helped some of the parts punch above their weight class, relying on the mid-layer strength of 3D printer parts for joints and hinges instead of potentially splitting layers apart. 

While this print did have many components and a long 35 hour total print time (divided among 3 prints), this is just a personal project so I was not very concerned with those manufacturing metrics. Also, many of the parts were mirrored in SolidWorks, decreasing total design time to around 10 hours from scratch to printing, divided between two days. It was a very fun project, and I'm proud of the result!

Tablet Mount
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