Along with all my engineering work, I have a wide range of hobbies. I love the outdoors, music, and designing neat gadgets or parts! Here is a short list of what I do in my free time:


From the Marine Corp Marathon in 2017 to now I have run three marathons. It's a ton of fun competing on Strava and training for my next race, plus I've found it's a great way to learn a new area! 


From leading three freshman orientation trips at Princeton to more recent personal trips, I love the outdoors. I'd definitely recommend spots like Kickapoo State Park (TX with awesome stars at night) and High Point State Park (NJ) if you're looking for a place to go camping!


At the age of four, I started taking drum lessons. It's a special interest of mine I have continued for the last twenty years. At Princeton, I played drums for twelve musicals and even joined the Princeton University Rock Ensemble Junior year

3D Printing

As an alternative to the maker space (mechanical engineering shop) at Princeton, I purchased a 3D printer for my apartment in 2019. Check out some of my projects on my projects page if you haven't done so yet!

Fun Facts

Candy Heists

Before the age of 5, I conducted elaborate candy heists, stealing candy from the top shelf (7ft) of a closet and leaving no trace. The full extent of these heists was not discovered until I admitted everything twenty years later

Cardboard Canoe

At Princeton, I competed in the cardboard canoe race twice. Both canoes were successful and senior year I was part of the winning duo, taking first place with the fastest time across the 25 meter length of the pool.


In high school, I had a couple of paying drumming gigs along with some peers, making all of us professional musicians. I also was the first chair All-State Jazz drummer my senior year which was loads of fun

Fajita Sales

Over the course of two summers, I worked as a waiter in Atlanta. I kept careful track of all of my sales and shifts, totaling all of the money. Over the two years, I sold over $50k in Mexican food.