Various Projects

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on during my free time. Though they might not merit their own page, they are nevertheless important projects to me. I enjoyed working on all of them and am proud of the end results. Whether I used the Princeton machine shop or my own 3D Printer, these projects provided me a chance to explore and create. Scroll down to check some of them out!

LinkedIn QR Code Magnet

I wanted to see if I would be able to 3D Print a QR Code with embedded magnets. The short answer is yes. I initially had some difficulty with the printing process by printing upside down. After printing upside-right, and pausing at a set layer height to install some 1/16th-inch thick magnets, I successfully printed a QR Code. Check it out with your phone!


Phony Phones

A while back a coworker asked me if I could 3D-Print a rectangular box as a play-phone for his child so that his phone could stay safe during playtime. I did one better and created a "Phony Phone" in Creo, personalized for each of his two kids. After getting the multi-material upgrade for my printer, I further customized the design to the above, making the layout and colors more playful and child-friendly. The print uses 1/16-in diameter dowel pins as a hinge, opening and closing like a standard phone.  Even though flip phones have gone out of style, I have found that many children still love the novelty of the flip-phone and recognize it as a novel toy instead of an antiquated gadget!


Boston Marathon Topographical Map

​wanted to commemorate my first running of the Boston Marathon, so I created a topographical map of the course. I used the publically available map to trace the course and the elevation in PTC Creo. After exporting the elevation as a drawing, I imported the curve as a graph. With Creo's sweep function the height variable based on the elevation graph, and the trajectory of the traced map, I created this pictured design. I explored a bunch with this design, also customizing the number and year to make excellent gifts for friends also running.


Crane Lamp

After a little over a year, our crane design was supplanted by another lighter, simpler design. Instead of allowing our precious design and the hours of work to be reduced to scrap, I decided to repurpose the design as a lamp. I purchased a light switch and a simple light bulb socket from Home Depot, then got to work. Using scrap wood and acrylic from the machine shop with a laser cutter and sand-blaster, I created the pictured design. It was not incredibly complex but it turned out very well and provided a neat addition to my first apartment!

Small Canvas Holder Table

I started exploring designs using AutoDesk Fusion 360. With this project, I created my first multi-part assembly of a small yet incredibly sturdy table. By creating this design in multiple parts, I played upon the increased strength of 3D printed parts within the vertical cross-sectional plane. I also used close tolerances to create a locking mechanism that kept the table legs in place. Though the assembly is not the easiest, the final product is incredibly strong and much more than adequate for its intended use of holding up canvases for drip painting. 


Wallet Card

Just before graduation and leaving campus, I created a ​design for a card to give as a gift to my girlfriend. I wanted to provide a small gift that included an elephant and The Little Prince while also serving a purpose. I added the ruler (imperial and metric) to each side of the card and used a CNC to engrave and provide the shape of each part. I then added paint and sanded down the surface to create a smooth, brushed metal texture. Because it looked so great in the CNC, I decided that I wanted one too and created this one for myself too with my name instead of hers.